Happy Friday Everyone! And what else besides reaching the end of the work week can make you smile? My answer is CANDY! And even better, candy that is lot’s healthier for you than the mainstream stuff. Our Allergy Free food store carries many types, one of the brands we represent is Candy Tree. We offer several lollipops and licorice flavors for kids…of all ages. The lollipops are Gluten free, Wheat Free, Dairy free, Lactose free, Egg Free, Soy free, yeast free, cholesterol free, salt free, Organic, Vegan and Vegetarian..whew…doesn’t that make you wonder what is left?! The licorice choices are Gluten and Wheat free, Dairy free and Egg free as well.

Here’s a video review I put together…less typing and more talking…my favorite. Also, Allergiesandme.com is celebrating our 1st Birthday this week…and…we have just launched a new redesigned website and online store. Take a “stroll” by the store and let me know what you think.